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Environmental Flow Physics Lab

EFPL @ Columbia University

Our group explores fundamental and applied problems in fluid dynamics and turbulence, with an emphasis on environmental flows. We focus on challenges related to atmospheric boundary layer flow phenomena and wind engineering, using supercomputers and physics-data driven methods.

Our research spans various domains, encompassing turbulence and turbulent transport in urban and plant canopies, urban and complex-terrain meteorology, air-sea interaction, and hurricane boundary layer dynamics.

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The Environmental Flow Physics Lab contributes its expertise in turbulence, computational fluid dynamics, and urban flow dynamics to help industry partners tackle challenging engineering problems. We partner with Amazon to improve flight dynamics of package delivery drones as part of the Amazon Prime Air project.

Dr. Marco G. Giometto

Seeley W. Mudd Building, Room 638
500 W. 120th Steet, New York, NY 10027
Tel (212) 853-1799

Seeley W. Mudd Building, Room 610
500 W. 120th Steet, New York, NY 10027
Tel (212) 854-2993

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